While Lisbon tends to be sunny and exciting throughout the year, it’s just as enchanting during rainy season. Rather than cancel your flight due to less than ideal weather, take the opportunity to discover some of the city’s hidden gems.

During the summer, Lisbon tends to be a hotspot for tourists. To enjoy this vibrant, culture-rich city without the crazy crowds, plan for a visit during the springtime.

An unfinished palace and an interior design museum near a charming park

The standing proof of the formidable force of nature

Golden Gate Bridge's Portuguese twin connecting Portugal as a whole

The symbol of the Portuguese perseverance and nirvana from the Great Earthquake.

The best helper for a city that goes up and down 

The combination of prosperity and austerity, the architectural masterpiece of Portugal

The magnificent monument of great explorers and wonderful views of the Lisbon skyline

The twin statue of Christ the King in the heart of Lisbon